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Cannot recommend Custode del Trono highly enough. Everything is dealt with well from their end and the only difficult part is waiting for your new family member to arrive. TENORIO aka Bagheera is our pride and joy, he came with excellent manners and the best temperament. He was so quick to be house trained we didn’t need to do anything at all.

The transport was well organised and clean, he was with his litter mates and he arrived happy to see us and not stressed or timid like I expected. He settled very quickly and its as though he has been here forever.

It was obvious he had been socialised and looked after very well as he has a lot of respect for us and is amazing with our 1 year old daughter, as well as any other dogs he meets. He listens to us and learns things really quickly. He is a very calm and loving dog but even at 6 months we can see his protective nature and instincts coming through. Mostly he just wants to be told he’s a good boy. The trust and bond we have built with him is like nothing I have ever known with a dog before, he has human like emotions and an amazing character. We are stopped everywhere we go with him by people asking about him and complimenting his looks and temperament. I am so proud of him everywhere we go I only wish we had the room for more as I would 100% would have another.

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