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Letha CDT
lives Austria

Hi my name is Melissa and i found custode del trono on Instagram. I was searching for a good breeder and when i discoverd his page i immediatly fell in love with his male Escobar who luckily is the father of my babygirl.
I got in contact with them and Dalibor told me whats important and how i can Reserve a puppy. I told Dalibor wich character i was looking for and which traits where important for me,when Letha turned six weeks he chose here for me and i am more than happy with his decision. Letha is verry intelligent and a perfect working and guarding dog, i’m very impressed by her massive bones and muscles but at the end of the day she is my little couchpotato.

The payment and delivery were perfect and because of corona Dalibor and his wife even brought her to the border so we could meet there. Letha was in a great condition and perfectly socialised, she was immediatly included in our pack and our hole family loves her so much.
We are still in very good contact with Dalibor and his wife and whenever we have a question they are helping us
I am very happy that i have chosen Custode del T.rono

Gothem CDT
lives czech republic

První člověk se kterým se stěně seznámí je chovatel a proto jsme dlouho vybírali toho pravého....Přes mnohá doporučení jsme našli Dalibora a jednoznačně se stal jasnou volbou.... Vše co člověk dělá s láskou , dělá dobře a přesně tohle jsem z nej cítila... Byla to má první zkušenost s Cane Corso a díky skělému přístupu Dalibora jsme se dobře na stěňátko připravili a vše zvladli. Jeho zájem nekončí ani po té co si pejska odvezete domů. Do teď si zasíláme fotografie- což je super. Teď už máme doma dvouletého , nádherného a zdravého člena naší rodiny. Je to to věrný , mazlivý pes s obrovským srdcem, pro kterého je rodina( smečka) a její bezpečí na prvním místě. Děkujeme

lives England

We received our pup from custode del trono and could not recommend them enough, a great kennel to deal with and such an easy process. Everything is dealt with by them and all you do is wait for your new best friend to arrive. They are very professional and produce amazing top quality dogs with great bloodlines. Our girl has such a great temperament and was very well socialised.
Ivka and Dalibor have been exceptionally helpful when it has come to any questions we have had regarding our pup, we was kept regularly updated about her progress and was so happy that we found them and would always give them the appreciation they deserve to others.

lives England

I couldn't find any Corso's for the standard I wanted in the UK. So majority of the kennels/breeders I had an interest were either in Europe or even further. I was quite apprehensive about purchasing a pup without seeing the parents or individual behind the breeding.

After coming across Custode Del Trono I had transparency to a certain degree about how the dogs are kept etc.

Dealing with Dalibor put my mind at ease. As he always sent regular updates about how my pup was growing, behaviour, vaccinations and also shipment.

I've had my dog for nearly a year and haven't had any health problems, the dog has a stable temperament and so far has been very good working too

lives USA

Hi, my name is Jaxon Kenworthy, when I found CDT I had been on an on going search for the right dog and breeder for months on months and when I found their Instagram I fell in love with all the dogs they had. Amazing structures and physiques on all dogs. I got my male, Lüka, from an Thor and Denraeys litter. I didn’t fully commit to the purchase until a few weeks after talking with him, but most breeders wouldn’t have responded after a week of talking and no purchase. He worked with me through every step and made the whole process a lot easier. This was my first time importing a dog from over seas so I was quite confused with the whole process but he helped me with the whole process and found me a good customs broker. After I purchased my boy I got update pictures every few days and he was shipped here a week after the purchase. No games here I got exactly what I payed for, ears are perfect, he has a beautiful shinny coat.

He didn’t look perfect when he first got off the flight but that was as expected, all it took was one bath to have him looking right. My boy is still very young but already has good protective instincts and is a very smart boy. I was able to teach him basic commands within 4 days of having him. If you are contemplating getting a dog from CDT don’t hesitate I love my boy, he is perfect. Everyone comes up to me in public and tells me he is the best looking dog they have ever seen.

lives USA

Simply excellent!!! Can not be any better! We were very skeptical about getting a puppy from overseas especially with so many scammers out there but after doing some research and getting very good communication with Dalibor , we realized that Custode del Trono is a very reputable breeder that recognized in Europe. The whole process was extremely smooth and quick, all arrangements were made over the email/text. Our beautiful puppy arrived in 10 days and he is amazing!!!
Thank you very much!! Highly recommended to anybody.

lives England

I found Custode through a very good friend, I trained his Corso and absolutely fell in love with his puppy, which made me determined to get a Corso from the same litter. I messaged Custode and asked specifically for a puppy from the same litter and they really hit the nail on the head for me. They provided me with my gorgeous boy Massimo (Perseus)…. He’s my absolute pride and joy and the biggest baby in my house. His temperament is one of a kind and I genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better family dog, amazing with children, other dogs, strangers. To me he is the all round perfect family pet that I know would protect my family if needed. I’m now also completely in love with this breed and will be purchasing a female from Custode in the future, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a Corso as I 1000% believe they are the best in the business! Thank you for providing me with the best member of our family ❤️

lives England

Cannot recommend Custode del Trono highly enough. Everything is dealt with well from their end and the only difficult part is waiting for your new family member to arrive. Bagheera is our pride and joy, he came with excellent manners and the best temperament. He was so quick to be house trained we didn't need to do anything at all.
The transport was well organised and clean, he was with his litter mates and he arrived happy to see us and not stressed or timid like I expected. He settled very quickly and its as though he has been here forever.
It was obvious he had been socialised and looked after very well as he has a lot of respect for us and is amazing with our 1 year old daughter, as well as any other dogs he meets. He listens to us and learns things really quickly. He is a very calm and loving dog but even at 6 months we can see his protective nature and instincts coming through. Mostly he just wants to be told he's a good boy. The trust and bond we have built with him is like nothing I have ever known with a dog before, he has human like emotions and an amazing character. We are stopped everywhere we go with him by people asking about him and complimenting his looks and temperament. I am so proud of him everywhere we go I only wish we had the room for more as I would 100% would have another.


So so happy with our girl Mabel. She’s so lovely and friendly and has never once had an accident in the house! I cannot recommend them enough! If you are looking for a well bred Cane Corso then look no further…. I would 💯 use again! Thankyou so much for our girl she is truly amazing


Would 100% recommend buying from this breeder , our pup arrived through courier to the UK- the process was explained clearly to us and we were kept in the loop from choosing our puppy until she arrived, she is a well socialised and confident pup and has settled straight into our family

What Clients Say on FACEBOOK

10 stars…. super god service,there are very serious u can trust the kennel

Country: Denmark

Uffe Grundahl

Profesionální přístup👍, osobní kouzlo a odhodlání pro kvalitní chov Cane Corsa,láska a oddanost k plemenu ❤️

Country: Czech repablic

Leticie Dytrychová Vránová

Je mi cťou vystavovať tak povahovo aj exteriérovo úžasné psy

Country: Slovakia

Kaja Štibravá – Handler

Excelentné Cane Corso Italiano, prvotriedny chovateľský prístup, absolútne laska a oddanosť … nie je čo riešiť, môžem len doporučiť.

Country: Slovakia

Vladimír Markovič

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